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Most of you have played Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! at one time or another. You know the story. Little Mac, a seventeen-year-old wafer with green boxing gloves, had a dream. Though small and inexperienced, he knew in his heart of hearts that he was destined to become the world champ. Still, Nintendo players across the globe never really got to know Little Mac on a more personal level. We never knew what ran through his mind when he won his first title, or when he had to face fluorescent 10-foot alcoholic Russians. We never realized the turmoil he must've faced after that first crucial lost, or the unmitigated glory that flowed through his Yankee blood when he first punched King Hippo's navel. We didn't know much, really.

Until today.

I was at this quaint little antiques and collectibles shop in Queens last week, and I noticed one item of particular interest. It certainly wasn't cheap, and the store owner wasn't down for haggling on the price. Now I'm not a rich man, but I couldn't resist buying it. What was this magical item? Well, it was a book. But not just any book - a spiral-bound notebook. But not just any spiral-bound notebook, friends! Within the many gritty pages of this book, what I found was a handwritten delight - a cornerstone of history just waiting to be shown to the entire world. Today is that day. This wasn't any normal book, not in the slightest. What was it?


Are you ready? Ready to read Mac's thoughts? Ready to hear his true feelings on Doc Louis, ready to share his enthusiasm over the opportunity to face Iron Mike? Are you ready to read about his hatred for jogging in the cold after every major boxing victory? I certainly hope you are, because by God, this is one entertaining read.

The sixteen-page diary details Mac's journey through each of his fights. Read, from Mac's own pen, his thoughts about Glass Joe, Bald Bull, Super Macho Man and all the rest. See who he considered 'tough,' and who he considered 'ugly.' His thoughts will always surprise you.

Keep in mind that Little Mac wasn't exactly...well, intelligent. His penmanship and sentence structure doesn't exactly match up with his boxing skills, and he sometimes goes way off track while trying to complete a single thought. I've decided to consider it charming. You might just think he's dumb. Either way, no self-respecting Punch-Out fan should go on living without having read this book. It's a true treasure. And I've scanned each and every page for you all - finally, you can feel closer to Little Mac than you ever have before!

Are you prepared to experience one man's journey as he faces the perils of the squared circle on his way to fight Mr. Mike Tyson? If so, just click on Little Mac's journal below, and get ready for a quasi-voyeuristic experience previously thought impossible. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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- Matt
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