Notice how "Orange Peel Pond" plays host to a rare species of flamingo/peacock hybrid birds? The kids were more interested in the "Cherry Caves," but just before they became all too struck with the sights, Betsy's fears come to the surface. She asks Kool-Aid Man where they're headed, obviously concerned that they could be led into off-the-path caves made of fruit where Kool-Aid Man could do terrible things to their bodies. Fortunately, they're just going to the "Kool-Aid Vault" -- home of all the great free prizes kids could get by trading in Kool-Aid points!

Kool-Aid Man tells of all the treasures inside, and I'm left wondering why he'd throw all of that valuable shit in a place as conspicuous as a giant gold vault right out in the open complete with a damned welcome mat. He's far too trusting, and presumably great-tasting.