I don't know who left Grayskull's door wide open, but you can bet they'll be Hell to pay once this Skeletor situation bottoms out. Speaking of Skel: now that he's the king of Eternia, nobody has a "particle of power" against him. Think of the amount of kids who learned new words by reading He-Man coloring books. Me? I just scribbled out the words I couldn't understand with Crayola's sea green #46.

Here's a "ploy," He-Man: fly that stupid jet through the wide open gate and crash into Skeletor. Pretty simple stuff. Overplanning always leads to defeat. Plus, isn't the Sorceress hiding somewhere inside? Couldn't she just sneak up, tickle Skeletor's ass and grab the sword while he's all giggly about tickled asses and not paying attention to swords? I think He-Man just wanted to fly that cool Battle Ram around for a few extra minutes.

Well, how about that? It wasn't a Battle Ram at all...it was a "Wind Raider!" Don't blame me. They made the mistake first.

While Skeletor hears lots of noise and obviously knows that something's up, he decides that the best course of action would be to...watch television? Yes.

Why Castle Grayskull has a television inside is up for debate. Guess the Sorceress loved her soaps. Also, it's nice to see that Skeletor's habit of talking to himself isn't limited to the times when he's decreeing his master plan while a hero hides in a nearby bush with a pen and paper.

The people who put this book together chose to underline "confounded." You could argue that they were illustrating the more stressed syllables in Skeletor's speech, but I prefer to think they just left the space open to be filled in later 'cuz they couldn't think of the right adjective on the first go-around. After many polls and much debate, "confounded" was born. Not pictured: Castle Grayskull threw up again.