The irony is, there's not a pair of eyeballs in that entire lot that would be more interesting than Skeletor having the term "CUT OUT" stuck in each of his sockets. Except those ones up there on the upper right. They're on fire!

If Teela can't figure this one out, she's a fucking idiot.

Whoa whoa whoa! Come on, Mer-Man! Think of what you'll do to sales in the Bible Belt.

I left this one clear to provide everyone with a fun little activity. Print out the picture, and draw what you think He-Man and Teela are seeing. If so inclined, send 'em on in. I'd love to pretend to look at them and call you aces.

Oh what the Hell...

So ends our story. I do hope you've enjoyed it. If not, I'll be out back. With your momma.

-- Matt (3/03/04)