Have you notice how much these Eternians talk during battle? Jesus, it's like they're all out on a dinner date or something. I'll tell you something...if I was about to be impaled by some mystical sword or battle axe, the last thing on my mind would be to announce my righteousness. I'd be more interested in making sure I wasn't killed. But maybe they knew they couldn't be killed, considering it's a children's comic. A children's comic full of naked chicks and men rubbing their asses in each other's crotches, but a children's comic nonetheless.

This page is really just a bumblefuck of combustable elements, is it not? We've got Zodac, who I'm still not sure if he's supposed to be a good guy, a bad guy, a narrator, or He-Man's pharmacist...Stupidman, who's practicing his karate skills on air....Skeletor, who looks like he's doing the YMCA dance....He-Man, who can't decide if he wants to battle or smile.....Battle Cat, who's pretty impressed that he can talk....and a whole lotta conversation I absolutely refuse to read. All I know is that the next page is the last one, so somehow they have to finalize about 6,000 side plotlines on one page.

Final Page?!