I know it's pretty illegible...but trust me, you're much better off. All you really need to know is that this is setting the stage for a lot of inexplicable nonsense to follow.

Now, I understand the need to promote the toys in the comic book - but who on Earth would choose to ride through space on a fucking chair?! Is there any regard for safety? Here we have Zodac, flying idly through space on a frigging recliner, with no straps, handguards...nothing.

Here's a Zodac quote from this page:

'I've long transferred the multitude of dimensional planes without the stars as my guide and inspiration. Too long for Zodac to ignore the signs they give me this day!'

Now, we've safely established a few things:

* This comic book was not written for children...it was written for nuclear scientists. If I tried to make sense of anything Zodac said there when I was five, I'd probably end up crying in a corner within 45 seconds.

* If it wasn't bad enough that Zodac felt the need to talk to himself...he couldn't decide whether or not to refer to himself in the first or third person. I talk to myself sometimes too. Like, if the new Archie McPhee catalog comes in the mail, I say 'yes!'. I don't say 'Matt says yes!'. Zodac's a fucking momo.

* To set the tone for a good-natured, wholesome kiddie comic, the title reads: Fate Is The Killer. Nice.

PS - This guy was supposed to be called 'Zodiac'. They forgot the 'i' and made lemonade with their sour poor spelling lemons. Don't tell me I'm wrong...why would they opt to call this idiot who can't decide if he wants to be listed as a good guy or a bad guy on the toy packaging 'Zodac'? Doesn't make sense.

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