I guess I shouldn't be surprised that we've switched gears from Stupidman to He-Man with zero explanation. Question: did He-Man lose his sword someplace? I really hope so, because I have no idea why he's walking around with a fucking axe. And Battle Cat? Something really odd happens to He-Man's tiger when it turns into Battle Cat - it loses the ability to close it's mouth. Seriously, I challenge you. Find me a picture of Battle Cat with his mouth closed. I mean, I understand it when they're in battle and the fucking tiger needs to look menacing...but from the looks of things here, it's nothing more than a friendly frolic.

Hey...look who's back! Zodac and the Chair of Doom!!! Ah, bidness is about to pick up. Jesus Christ, look at Zodac's miserable excuse for a superhero mask. What was he going to do to the bad guys? Make them laugh into submission? Zodac will go down in history as being the only superhero who wore an outfit that looked just as stupid as it's Halloween costume counterpart.

Also, Eternia must either be the anti-France or the drag queen capital of the world, since the guys there have the smoothest fucking legs I've ever seen. It's amazing that with all the time Zodac spends flying through space on his recliner, he still manages to shave his legs regularly.

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