Having drawn comics for a living for the past seven years, I've grown accustomed to the "sorting out" process involved -- sometimes things work great from the start, other times you have to pick and choose the "good stuff" and leave some bad ideas on the drawing board. None of my work has provided a better example of this than my latest issue of "Bleeding Head Man." Here's what I first came up with...

Though it mostly captured what I was aiming for, I felt that "Criminy Dog" looked more angry than uncaring -- this was all wrong. My goal was to illustrate Criminy's boredom with Bleeding Head Man, so by this point in time, he would've been well past anger. I had to give it another shot. For my fans, and for my reputation.

Criminy looked just about right this time around, but Bleeding Head Man himself appeared a tad too "whimsical." My agent suggested a more minimalist route -- that being today's "in thing" -- and since she's never steered me wrong, here's the final version of issue 259 of "Bleeding Head Man."

Happy October 15th. Subscriptions sold at half-off the newsstand rate. Remember that.