Believe it or not, there once was a film so horrifying that audience members were given "vomit bags" to handle the surely impending piles of sick that'd flow forth as they watched the terrors unfold. The year was 1970, the movie was "Mark of the Devil," and the vomit bags...well, they looked like this:

The film was indeed graphic beyond all reasonable senses of good taste, but obviously, the vomit bags were more for promotion and novelty than for the comfort of the audience. There were a few different takes on the ones shown above, but those are the most remembered. The bags touted the film as being the first ever rated "V" for violence and claiming that it's "positively the most horrifying film ever made." That's debatable, but for what it's worth, the flick had some extremely twisted scenes. We're talking about things like nuns getting raped, all sorts of female torture, lots of blood -- it's not easy to watch. The movie was total exploitation all the way, existing only to shock and appall any who were brave enough to see it. Course, it's dated by today's standards, and the "bad scenes" mostly play off to chuckles and giggles than disgust. I still love these vomit bags, though.

There's been tons of movies before "Mark of the Devil" that followed a similar formula to far more depraved levels, and certainly, there's been many since. The movie's reputation is built more around the shamelessness of how they went about it -- no apologies were given; this movie was disgusting and vile and that's the reason you were supposed to watch it. Gross to the level of needing a barf bag? Well, maybe for some. For most others, it was even better. They got a cool memento to take home and sell on eBay thirty years later for far more than they paid for the ticket.

The vomit bags gained almost as much cult notoriety as the movie itself, eventually being reproduced and sold outright, with or without the accompanying video. So, here's your dilemma. Do you buy "Mark of the Devil," or a "Mark of the Devil Vomit Bag?" You can't buy both, that's just too indulgent. Choose wisely. One will make you sick for a few hours, the other will give you a really unique way to store hash. Don't jump to your conclusion; this might be the most important decision you'll have to make this Halloween season.