Sorry if you're stumbling onto the Halloween Countdown after October, but those of you who aren't know that this entry's being posted a few days late. Halloween is already over and done with, but we can pretend otherwise, right? Actually, the passing of one of the year's best days isn't all bad. If you're still able to locate anything in the stores having to do with Halloween, it's likely going to be on sale. Big time sale. I picked these spooky Ziploc bags up before the special day, but have since seen them sold for under a buck per box. A steal!

They're the same bags as usual, just with screenprinted Halloween scenes. I had to buy 'em because hey, they were there, but I wasn't quite sure what one could actually do with Halloween Ziploc bags. It's not like I'm bagging my lunch these days, and I'm not planning to throw any horror-themed parties for a group of six-year-olds, so that throws the "loot bag" idea out the window. On the morning of Halloween, we found a use...

Trick-or-treat bags! I've noticed the steady decline of trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood over the years, but we always buy tons of snack-sized candy bars anyway...just in case. Well, I wasn't about to let another six bags of chocolate go to waste this year. Instead, we simply filled each of the bags up with a lot of candy, and while we didn't get many trick-or-treaters, at least we gave the ones who knocked on the door something to remember.

It felt pretty good, to be honest. Most of the kids looked at us in awe as we handed them bags of candy, obviously more used to receiving nothing more than a single Tootsie Roll or a Dum-Dum lollipop. When I think back even to a real early age, I can still remember the best Halloween treats I received. I can still remember which houses they came from, and in certain cases, the faces of those gracious folks who really went the extra mile. We assured ourselves that the extra dough spent per capita in making these bags was well worth it -- we helped create a nice memory for any kid brave enough to walk up to our filthy apartment.

Amazingly enough, the kids generally seemed more enthused about the damn Ziploc bags than what was inside them. So, say what you will...somebody likes these things.