It shouldn't surprise anyone who read my article about the Oreo onslaught back in August that Nabisco's unleashed a new terror on society: Halloween Oreo Cookies. Damn straight. It's the snack that tastes great and looks radioactive, and it's only here for a limited time. Nyuk nyuk. While the Halloween merchandising blitz has been pretty phenomenal this year, nothing tops what we saw this past summer with the Hulk's big budget ocean-leaps. Guess what -- now they've teamed up! Yes, not only are these Halloween Oreos...they're Hulk's Halloween Oreos. Not since Ax found Smash and a barrel of cheap face paint has a tag team stood so ready to dominate. This time around, Hulk's shilling the DVD release of his movie, and giving chocolate lovers the chance to save big on trips to Universal Studios.

Halloween. Hulk. Universal Studios. Got that?

The packaging is appropriately festive, with pumpkins and dead leaves galore. Even the cookies themselves have been given an upgrade -- instead of the usual sleek black "Oreo" logo, now they've got five different Halloween scenes, ranging from bats to black cats, witches, ghosts and beyond. While some food companies see fit to stick a little Jack O' Lantern on the bottom right corner of their product boxes, Nabisco climbs the mountain yet again with the most undeniably "Halloween" cookie we could hope for. The fun doesn't stop there, though...

Yep, the creme filling is now bright orange. Bright freakin' crazy ass orange. There seems to be more of it than usual, too -- these cookies seem closer to "Double Stuf" Oreos than the originals, so if you're down with lacing the intestines with a bit of the spooky creme, you'll be more than satisfied. More than more than satisfied. More x9.

Thankfully, the flavor remains unchanged -- could you imagine pumpkin-flavored Oreos? There's some lines that should never be crossed, and that's one of the biggies. As for the Hulk: he was already set to lead the pack as far as children's Halloween costumes go, and this cross-promotion with Oreo's satanicookies just solidify his position as the holiday's latest icon. He probably won't match the pop scope of Dracula or Frankenstein, but God willing, maybe Macy's will give him a balloon float next month.