X-Entertainment.Com now offers free hosting to website creators!

Are you tired of being on unreliable free servers? Running out of space for all your assorted graphics? Or, better yet, are you tired of paying to do your hobby? We've got the solution.

X-E is proud to announce it's capabilities for affiliate hosting - meaning that your site can be a subdomain off of X-E - with private FTP access for you and those who work on your site, and all the space you need. (within reason) Here's what you'll get --

1.- Private subdomain. Example: if your site is called 'DigitalChaos', your domain under our hosting would be 'x-entertainment.com/digitalchaos'. You will have full FTP access for your site, and it's absolutely private for your use. Within reason - you are alloted as much space as you need and can cover as many web pages as you need for your site! Understand - nobody, including us, will touch or alter your site in any way - it's completely yours!

2.- Affiliate promotion. X-E will only take domains that fit the general criteria of our site - meaning that we want sites that our usual readers would like to read. So, we'll help promote you from X-Entertainment, and bring in some extra readers to your site!

3.- Website Safety. If you currently use a free web hosting service, such as Geocities, Angelfire, or any of the others, you should know by now that they're usually pretty unreliable - I've heard horror stories about entire sites getting deleted because of 'improper content' or even because of something as simple as a server glitch. Over here, that won't happen. Our server is safe and secure!

The Catch: Sites that are accepted for free hosting on X-Entertainment.Com must put our ad banners on each page of their site, the same as you see on X-Entertainment. It's a simple process, and is the only way we can allow this in conjunction with the rules of our hosts. For us, it'll hopefully increase our impressions a bit so we're more 'attractive' to potential advertisers. So yes, you'll be helping this site in return for us helping you. Placing banners on your site is a relatively simple process, and I can personally help you do that if you're unsure as to how it's done.

Remember: We will offer you more space at no cost than most paid hosting services!!! It doesn't make a difference if your site gets 10 hits or 10,000 hits - if we think it's a cool site, you're in!

Criteria For Affiliate Hosting:

1.- Your site must not include overly adult and/or illegal content, ie pornography, illegal 'warez', and such. We're very flexible as long as nothing on your site can be deemed illegal.

2.- Site must fit in with the general criteria of X-E. Here are a list of such sites that would fit nicely:

- Tributes/information sites on a television show, movie, cartoon, etc.
- Video Game information/review sites.
- Music review sites.
- Quasi-personal 'e/n' sites that we find interesting.
- Picture gallery sites. (shows, girls, movies, whatever)
- Online journals.
- Action figure/toys information/collecting sites.
- Many more!

Obligations of Affiliate:

1.- To place our ad banners on each page of their site, as seen on X-Entertainment.Com.
2.- To link to X-E from their main page. (very flexible - either by text link or small button banner)
3.- To inform X-Entertainment.Com if any major changes are planned to the site that will cause it to go down for an extended period of time.

That's pretty much it! Transferring your web files to our server is a extremely simple process, and we can reccomend programs that'll make it even simpler. We can also offer assistance in using programs that'll make your web creation and 'webwork' run much smoother.

To apply for free website hosting from X-Entertainment.Com, e-mail Matt. Please include your name, your site's name, and a brief description of your site's content. Looking forward to a great partnership!

- Matt