X-Entertainment.Com Needs Your Help! We can't get the word out to everyone about old toys, bad tv shows, and strange video games on our own...so if you own a website, and you'd like to link X-E, I've made nifty banners and buttons of all sizes for you to put on your site to support us.

Sites that link us will receive the following:

1.- Nothing in particular.
2.- Possibly a thank you note.
3.- Hugs and kisses.

Choose Your Weapon.

I've enclosed the HTML code to put a banner on your page under one. NOTE: Take the periods OUT of the HTML codes, otherwise it won't work! If you need help, feel free to e-mail me, and thanks!

Standard Size Banner -

CODE: -- Make Sure To Remove The Periods!!

<.a href="http://www.x-entertainment.com"><.img src="http://x-entertainment.com/stuff/xebannerbla.gif"><./a>

Button Banner -

CODE: --Make Sure To Remove The Fucking Periods!!!

<.a href="http://www.x-entertainment.com"><.img src="http://www.x-entertainment.com/stuff/xesmalx.gif"><./a>

If neither of those banners work for you....well...I'd tell you I'd make another one. But I probably won't.

Thanks for supporting the site!

- Matt