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X-Entertainment.Com - Better Than Yahoo.Com?!?!?!
Matt - 04/25/00

Hey, this post has nothing to do with pop-culture. But your humble host is just too stoked about this news not to share it with ya. And if you're a fan of X-E, you can help us out too.

When I opened this site at the beginning of the month, I really wasn't expecting much. I figured it'd do okay, and would probably get a nice buzz about it from those of us who like stupid movies and really odd cartoon shows.

I never expected it to take off as much as it has in such a short time. But I never, in my wildest dreams, expected this to happen:

What's that? That's the Global100 charts - which lets the voters rank the top 100 sites on the entire web. Our little site, our silly little site which focuses on exploting the sexual preferences of Transformers, the worst video game quotes of all time, and haikus about Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, is listed as both the highest new entry and the smash of the week.

How'd it get there? I honestly don't know. I'd like to thank 'Kevin' for requesting it. To say that all of us here are excited about this would be an understatement along the lines of 'hey...Batman Forever wasn't really that good of a movie'.

As it stands right now, we're #51 out of EVERY site on the internet...topping sites like AOL.Com, My Yahoo!, IGN, Yahoo Games, Napster, Fox News....what's this all mean?

It means that readers, you are not alone. We aren't the only ones who find this shit fun. Apparently, a LOT of people do. And I'd like to take this time to thank not only those of you who've voted for X-E - but every single one of the readers who've made this site a success. Really, you have no idea how much we all appreciate it.

Of course, there's a few people that deserve some extra special thanks...

Cobra Commander, thanks for being such a weirdo. You are endless material, my friend.

Alan Thicke, thanks for delivering a lackluster performance on Growing Pains for nearly a decade. Without you, the bar wouldn't have been set so low for so many other shows, and we'd have far less to make fun of.

Dr. Zaius, thanks for being everyone's favorite ape. For being so special. For telling us, time and time again, to keep our heads clear, and Think Simian.

I could go on and on. The list is endless. But if you've read the site, you know who the stars are. :)

Anyway, if you're enjoying reading the site as much as we are writing on it, you can help us get X-E to...the next level. :) You can vote for X-Entertainment.Com on the Global100 charts...and get it to it's rightful position...NUMBER ONE!

When that day happens, I give you my solemn promise that each of the writers here will do a post about Fruit Roll-Ups. This way, *every* site on the internet will have to recognize the power of sweet, gelatinized junk food. We'll make Fruit Roll-Ups the next big thing...together.

How do you vote?

1.- Click on the 'Vote' box below.

2.- That will automatically include X-E as the site you want to vote on. All you have to do is click on the 'Save Votes To Database' link at the bottom of the page. Putting in an e-mail address is optional, and up to you.

Vote! Tell your friends to vote! Get everyone you can to VOTE! Why? Because we want to prove that Transformers, Saved by the Bell, bad video games, stupid movies, and the like are all considered key elements in today's society's vision of pop-culture. Together, we can make it happen!

I'd also like to thank Brant, Swan and Liquorhead for their ongoing contributions to the site! And of course, all our friends over at the Forum...and

Thanks so much for making X-E a success!

- Matt