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Shaggy Serves As A Role Model For All....
Matt - 04/25/00

It appears I have erred. I have erred severely. In my last Saved By The Bell profile, I noted that Casey Casem's only contributions to television were on that show and the old Superfriends cartoon. The backlash against me for not giving him credit for his finest role has been overwhelming, so it's time to sing the praises of Casey Casem...the man who brought you...


Now I'm not sure if making mistakes about Casey's past cartoon voiceover jobs is a punishable offense, but I feel pretty stupid about it. How could I forget Shaggy? Animated television's first blatant drug addict?

Without Shaggy, Scooby Doo would've been all but charmless. Shaggy has the distinction of being the only cartoon character in history to have hair growing out of his elbows. No, I'm serious. Look at his elbows. There's strands of hair growing out of them! Trying to explain the dynamics of how this could be is pretty tough, but I'm sure it has something to do with all the drugs Shaggy was doing on the sidelines.

Yes, drugs. Scooby had an excuse for always being hungry. He was a dog. Dogs always wanna eat, just ask Rosie O'Donell. But Shaggy, nuh uh. Classic case of the munchies. For a guy who'd eat about 40 pounds of food in every episode of Scooby Doo, he had the frame of a skeleton. Explain that. Judging from his less than stellar looks, I'm willing to bet it's more due to an addiction than any kind of fast metabolism.

Shaggy is also the person responsible for making the word 'like' the most popular word in the English language. Like, go back in time. Try to find any quasi-celebrity that used the word to that degree. You'll have no luck. We have Shaggy to thank for us all sounding like uneducated idiots.

Drug addictions without consquences and the word 'like' are only some of Shaggy's vast contributions to society. He's also the inventor of the whole 'slacker rock' look. Who do you think Beck modeled himself after? Do you think all these kids are running around today with dirty t-shirts and unwashed hair because they can't afford water and soap? Nuh uh...they want to be like Shaggy. And why not? He got to solve mysteries...drove around in a cool car, hung out with hot chicks, and had no use for color in his eyes. He's impressive in every respect.

'So where does Casey fit into all of this?!'

Good question. Casey didn't just help shape Shaggy's voice...he helped shape him into a worthwhile contributor to society. No, I'm not kidding. What I'm about to tell you is 100% true - I swear on my life. I wouldn't be able to dream up something like this...

'Casey Kasem is well-known for being a faithful vegetarian. After the first season of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! he asked Hanna and Barbera if his character could also be a vegetarian. HB agreed to Kasem's request and Shaggy is now a full-fledged vegetarian. When Kasem was asked what was the brown stuff on all those sub sandwiches Shaggy ate, he responded that he always considered it to be eggplant. '

Shaggy is a vegetarian! He's an animal preservationalist to the core! Club sandwiches...not seals!

Unfortunately, I don't buy it. And if Casey Casem does, he's even stupider than his choices for the Top 40 songs indicate. Eggplant? Please. I'm willing to believe that there'd be foot-long beef sandwiches lying around abandoned haunted houses across the nation....but eggplant sandwiches? That's a bit of a stretch.

Now withstanding that, Casey Casem's portrayal as Shaggy has helped mold all of us into better people. And for that, I salute him.

And now, for a special Scooby Snack, here's an interview we conducted with Shaggy...

Question: Shaggy, what did you say when you saw Daphne and Thelma walk out of that locked bedroom together, with their hair all messed up?

Shaggy: Like, click here to hear my answer on that!

Question: Hey Shaggy, is Daphne really all that dumb?

Shaggy: Like, click here to hear my answer on that!

Question: Thanks for your time, Shag. It's been interesting.

Shaggy: Like, click here to hear my answer on that!

Oh, and click HERE to hear the Scooby Doo theme song!

- Matt