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X-E At The Annual Star Wars Convention Party!
Matt - 05/05/00

Every year, the fellows from Star Wars get together and have a little convention, orchestrated by Ben Kenobi. Historically, it's been a great way for the boys and girls to meet and greet each other, catch up on old times, thinks like that. And the year 2000 is no different. Actually, it's a little different, because Ben allowed X-E to have cameras there. With that in mind, we present to you..


Ben: Welcome to the 2000 Star Wars Convention!

Ben: I'm your host, Ben Kenobi. Since I'm the host, I get the chair. The rest of you can sit on the floor like the lowlife scum you are. Does my outfit look a little outdated to anyone? No? Cool shit. Anyway, let's move on.

Ben: Hey...hey wait a second. You, over there...what are you doing here? What's your name?

Mork: I am Mork! Nanu nanu.

Ben: But you weren't in Star Wars! You can't be here!

Mork: I was in the Cantina scene! Hoo hoo ha!

Greedo: Hey! He wasn't in the cantina scene!

Hammerhead: I can attest to that! His costume isn't remotely cheesy enough! This is bullshit!

Ben: Those Trekkies are right, man. Star Wars is for idiots. Errrgh.. Okay...umm...Nien Nunb, why don't you stand up and tell everyone what you've been up to this past year.

Nien Nunb: Ehhblah ehhblah ehheh bleh!

Ben: Nien, do me a favor. If I ever ask you to speak again, rip my ears off and shove them up my ass, okay?

Nien Nunb: Blehehbleh!

Ben: Anyway...let's hear from Luke Skywalker. Luke, stand up.

Ben: What the fuck? I asked for LUKE!

Bespin Luke: I am Luke!

Jedi Luke: Ditto.

Dagobah Luke: We're all Luke!

Jesus: I haven't seen this many Lukes since my last convention! Sheesh!

Lando: COLT 45!

Ben: Emperor Palpatine?! Get out of my party!

Palpatine: Relax, Ben. I come in peace.

Palpatine: I just wanted to tell everyone about the big basket of candy over at my party!

All: Candy?! WHOOOOO!

Ben: I can't believe this...

Ben: You've ruined my convention!

Palpatine: Hey, it's not my fault your festivities were as drab as a dead turtle. Chilas!

The End?

- Matt