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BRAK: Simply the Greatest Singing Talent Since Lori Partridge
liquorhead - 05/21/00

Once in a while a singer comes along that changes the world. Sinatra, Garland, Elvis, Janis Joplin, and Julio Iglesias, just to name a few. Many have bemoaned modern music as "empty", or "shallow", or "downright sucky", however, as the landscape of modern singers, littered with prefabricated opportunist groups like N'SYNC and Destiny's Child, seem to offer more for T-shirt sales than anything of artistic merit.

That's why Brak is so special.

As a member of Space Ghost Coast to Coast on The Cartoon Network, Brak has written and performed some of the best songs human ears have ever been graced with. XE is proud to share them with you, in hopes that the golden gentle voice, and insightful lyrics can reach as many music afficianodos as possible.

We'd like to present some of Brak's greatest hits. Each of the bold-faced songtitles below are hyperlinked to a gloroius crystal clear MP3 file for your listening enjoyement. Take the time to listen to all of them, and you'll be a better person for it.

Take Highway 40 Revisited, for instance. He captures the spirit and loneliness of the open road, and the trucking experience in a way that hasn't been heard since "Convoy" back in the 70s.

When he sings "I'm Driving Down Highway 40 In My Big Old Pickup Truck", it's done with a sincerity, and genius that deserves permanent accolades.

And when it comes to love, nobody can crank out a love song like Brak. From I Love Beans, to the tearjerking I Love You Baby, the passion is so thick, you can dunk it in coffee and eat it like a donut.

Brak has even been able to cross genres with a versatility that would amaze Madonna and Prince. From his rap classic Don't Touch Me (which was blatantly swiped by MC Hammer, whe he recorded "Can't Touch This"), to the torch swinger Mashed Potatoes, nobody has demonstrated they have such a deft command of all music has to offer as Brak. When he sings, "Nobody else can make a donut, do the things you do", you know he means it from the bottom of his heart.

And the harmonies of De Der Down have to be heard to be believed!

Brak even was able to compete with songs that encouraged the listeners to do a special dance, when he teamed up with Space Ghost to record Hoodelee Hoo. Not since "The Humpty Dance" have the dance clubs been infected with such a maddening groove.

So do yourself a favor and listen to these songs from Brak. And when he comes to your town, and you're watching his concert from the front row 'cause you waited in line all night just to experience the magic, thank X-E for the tip.