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Readers Demand Classier X-E Galleries, We Deliver!
Matt - 05/30/00

Due to some complaints that I was only making X-E galleries for young, busty girls and transforming robots, I've decided to bite the bullet and make one for a woman who's level of class and grace knows no bounds...Bea Arthur.

I've taken pictures of myself rummaging through grocery stores and have admitted to owning Corey Haim videos, so I see no reason to hold back from telling you I'm a huge Golden Girls fan. I'm's just a funny fucking show. Old ladies with libidos that could shame a frathouse bickering back and forth and having sex every twenty minutes. This show was before it's time.

Now while the rest of the girls were all great in their own way, the show would be nothing without Bea's stellar wit as Dorothy. She my fave, she my fave!

That show is still one of the only television sitcoms that I've actually laugh at loud at. It really disturbs my family and friends that I could be so heavily into watching the kitchen conversations of four senior citizens dressed like they're about to engulf in a game of craps at the local casino...but what can I say? It's a great show. And Bea deserves this gallery.

I recently had a chance to talk to Ms. Arthur on my nationally syndicated late night talk show. We discussed her appearance on X-E, among other things. Read on...

Matt: Bea, it's so nice to have you on the show. You don't look a day over 200. Big fan of your work, me is. Big fan. Anyway, I was wondering how you felt about being X-E's latest gallery girl?

Bea: Bea's Reply!

Matt: Wow, you sound pretty excited!! I'm sure it's opened a lot of new doors for you. You've probably got all the money and fame in the world you feel fufilled and satisfied?

Bea: Bea's Reply!

Matt: Bea, did you know I'm Italian? And that I firmly believe man evolved from apes?

Bea: Bea's Reply!

Matt: Whoa whoa, settle down! Hey, let's play a little game. With these sunglasses on, I can barely see this notecard. So I'll hold it up to you, and you tell me what's on it. Okay, what do you see? Any funny lines? Notes I should be aware of?

Bea: Bea's Reply!

Matt: Bea...isn't that your mother over there?

Matt: Yeah, I think it is! Why is she trying to have sex with one of our video cameras?

Bea: Bea's Reply!

Matt: I see. Well, thanks for your time, Ms. Arthur! Congrats on becoming an X-E gallery girl!

Sure, I'll continue to shill all the hot girls I can find. The Jessica Biel and Trish Stratus galleries have provided sweet dreams for many of the males in the X-E audience, I'm sure. But I I beg of you...give Bea a chance. All we are give Bea a chaaance...

Will this begin a new X-E trend? Providing sexy galleries of 400 year old women? Only time will tell. Pseudonecropheliacs will enjoy it, but will the rest of you? Let your voices be known. Who wants scantily clad 21 year olds with Z cups when you can have the likes of Bea Arthur and Shirley from What's Happenin'?

The Bea Arthur Gallery can be accessed from the main page of X-E, or simply by clicking here. Enjoy...and remember...don't do it for it...for Bea.

- Matt