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Anyone want to watch some Transformers commercials?
Matt - 06/20/00

I told you guys that our new server would allow for a lot more features, so get ready for the first. Course, I have to thank X-E's latest staff member, Dr. Rocket, for being an absolute kickass godsend to this site. He's taking care of the uploads for all of our multimedia files...and there's a ton. :) His e-mail fwd'er will be available tomorrow.

Now, onto the newest X-E feature...

Transformers Commercials!

You all know I loved Transformers. I loved them more than I'll probably love whomever I end up marrying. My undying passion for the robots in disguise was unflinching - and it wasn't just for the cartoon. It was for the toys...the movie...everything.

But how did Hasbro suck me in? Commercials. You'd be sitting there watching the cartoon, then you'd get this killer teaser for the newest toy during the commercial breaks. But these commercials weren't your everyday run-of-the-mill advertisements - they were epics.

Not only were the commercials epics - some of them were really fucking strange. You'd have little kids transforming into robots, making really weird faces in the process. You'd have children yelling at their toys as if they were sentinent beings. Besides that, you'd get some animated sequences you never thought you'd see when it came to our robot friends. All in all, the commercials were a wild ride.

So what do we have for you guys? Over 100 original Transformers toy, cartoon, and movie commercials, available for download! We're going to start off with 10, and the section will be updated on a regular basis.

You've gotta see these to believe it...

To Enter The Transformers Commercials Gallery, Click Here!


- Matt