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Long Forgotten Acne Cures of Yesteryear
liquorhead - 06/25/00

Though most of today's complexion challenged youth turn to OXY-this and CLEARI-that for relief, it makes you wonder what folks did before these glorious products existed.

Granted there wasn't as much known about dermatology "back in the day" for a young greasy kid to go by, other than

1. Wash Your Face
2. Don't eat chocolate
3. Easy on the masturbation
4. Stay away from Italians

(NOTE: The 4th item was from a questionable 1947 book titled, "Why Italians Are Responsible for the World's Zits")

Even more prepostrous are the comic book and magaizne ads of long ago that touted cures for acne.

Check out this April 1936 ad from a high adventure pulp magazine called ARGOSY. It's sure a good thing that the Acne Discrimination Act of 1957 was passed, or we'd still have problems like this.

Times sure were simpler then. The only thing that would hold an enterprising young man back from getting a great job and a new car (dig the $25 price on it), is eating yeast 3 times a day. Ha! If eating yeast was all it took to get rid of zits, maybe Connie should have just let her personal hygiene go. Oddly Fleischman's still makes this wondrous acne fighting yeast product, but seems more concerned about marketing it as some wacky ingredient to make bread, instead.

Now take a lood at this great ad from the 1952 ocmicCRIME MUST PAY THE PENALTY

Though the small print isn't very readable in this picture (or the original ad, for that matter), the comic alone is priceless. A brother and sister just can't seem to get invited to parties. And even though they have faces that look like living pus factories, they are utterly clueless as to the reason why.

Luckily, cluless "Sis" has a keen suspicion that Jim's friend Tom has all the answers (Apparently when folks back in the 50s' were having trouble with social skills, they always turned to Jim). "Frankly's those ugly blackheads."

That tell it like it is "Tom" was also used in an ad for prostethic limbs that same year, where he told a similarly clueless quadriplegic Edward, "Frankly,'s those hideous stumps!"

Thankfully as science and common sense has prevailed through the decades, cures of this nature have gone the way of the horse and buggy, so folks can focus on the real source of skin problems.