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liquorhead - 06/26/00

Though I'm risking my entire career at X-Entertainment, I've been holding this in for far too long, and it just has to get out.


I never liked this cartoon, I never liked the toys, and I certainly never liked the GO-BOTS, ORBOTS, or the other ripoff ilk they spawned.

As a toy, I always felt the Transformers were infinitely sucky. Is it a race car, or a robot? IT'S BOTH! YOU DECIDE! Well you know what? If I wanted a toy race car, I'd get a real nice die cast one that wouldn't fall apart if you rolled it too fast. And if I wanted a toy robot, why the hell would I want one that has a bumper on his ass, and big ol' black rubber tires on his hips?

Crappy Car, or Crappy Robot? You decide!

The whole concept of The Transformers is laughable. You have these robots from another world coming to earth, leading a double life. In front of most people, Optimus Prime was a big ol' red truck, but when he let his guard down, he was a giant robot.

Why on earth did Prime need to even pretend to be a truck? The Decepticons could surely detect any Autobot regardless of their form. And what would the humans on earth do if they found out? Kick his ass? Hardly.

This "Clark Kent" style alter-ego of every Transformer made no sense at all. Why on earth would Prime, for example, ever choose to be a truck? I mean the dude can fly and run around, why would he hinder himself by being an earth bound rolling around the highways truck?

And how did Prime have the right to pass up the truck scales, anyway? Surely he couldn't go through and answer the questions about his load. He was eternally a lawbreaker.

What your mechanic sees after getting really really really high

Now that I think about it...what really pisses me off about those Transformers is that they aren't even licensed vehicles. I have to pay about $200 a year to keep my little pickup truck registered, but those bastards get off scott-free! I bet they don't even need to pass a smog test, and you know that alien technology wouldn't even come close to meeting California's stringent emmission standards!

Another thing I don't get is if they crash landed on earth, and awoke 4 million years later, wasn't it damn convenient they were able to look just like vehicles and craft of that decade.

Call me crazy, but it really gets me mad.

I was also in that group of kids that'd never figure out how to work those damn toys. I'd be scratching my head for hours trying to figure out how to make Honeybee or whatever the hell his name was turn from a little car to a robot. I always would get stuck half way somewhere, and some damn 6 year old half my age would come up and figure it out in seconds.

More than meets the eye? Damn right...those things are evil incarnate.

Now don't get me started on Dino-bots, or we're going to be here all day.