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Super Mario Brothers Transformers...Together At Last!
Matt - 07/04/00

Pairing up two things that are great by themselves have long been a way to come up with something even better. Think about it...peanut butter & jelly....killer & on fire & Michael Jackson.

With that train of though, some genius out there sought to put together two of the very best things on the planet to see what they'd come up with - Super Mario Brothers and Transformers!

It's true.

Now, finding these games was a dream come true for me. I'd be sitting here pushing aside my newer, classier video game systems to play my vintage NES, and then I'd look to the side and see a copy of Transformers: The Movie lying on the floor. I can't tell you how many long hours I've spent debating what to the movie, or play Mario. Apparently, my plight didn't go unheard, because somebody bit the bullet and combined the two. With that, I bring you..

Super Mario Bros. Meets Transformers!
The Video Games!

Some angel from above decided it'd be a cool idea to Transformerize old Nintendo Mario Bros. games. The end result was pretty interesting to say the least. Sure, the games aren't technical masterpieces, but I'd rather get shit on by Lazerbeak than some stupid turtle sitting in a cloud, wouldn't you?

To Play The Games, You Must Have Nesticle, A NES Emulator. After downloading the zip file, extract everything to your hard drive. Go to Start, Run, and run Nesticle. For more information

Download Nesticle By Clicking HERE

After downloading the game files...

1.- Extract the game to your C: drive.
2.- Go to start, run, then run nesticle.exe.
3.- In Nesticle, go to File, Load Rom. You should see the game there.

Super Autobot Brothers

This game uses the orignal Super Mario Bros. as a platform. Only instead of fumbling through pipes and breaking bricks as some chubby Italian plumber, you get to do it as that Transformers answer to Lucas, Bumblebee.

In this game, you're out to destroy the evil forces of Megatron. It's exactly the same as the original Super Mario Brothers game, only everyone's been converted to a Transformer. If you get hit, instead of turning into a midget Mario, Bumblebee can only run around in his car form.

There's a slight problem though - you either need to be psychic or have a very good memory of the orignal game to do well in this one, since in many spots, the 'pits' are invisible, since the floor is almost always black. It kinda fits with the whole 'Bumblebee Aura' thing though, since he's usually responsible for the little Transformers mix-ups anyway. If any Transformer was going to be stupid enough to willfully drive straight into a bottomless pit, let's face it, it's either going to be Bumblebee or Snarl. And Snarl can't jump high enough to hit the Transformer symbol question marks, so Bumblebee gets to star in this one.

If you get the fire flower power-up, which in this game is just a poorly rendered Autobot head, Bumblebee has the power to shoot flames from his mechanical wrists. In essence, this game is like a heavenly dream for Bumblebee, because he finally gains some skills other than being able to drive Spike around to arcades and shit.

On the plus side, it's complete - you don't fight Bowser, you fight Megatron. And if you squeeze your eyeballs enough, you'll probably be able to tell which Decepticons you're fighting. All in all, it's worth a look.

Hold 'CTRL' to run or to shoot Bumblebee's fireballs of doom.
Press 'ALT' to jump.
Navigate with the arrow keys.

Download: - The download is extremely short. Click HERE to download the game!

Now for our second game...

Transformers: Episode 2 - The Return of Unicron

Ah! This one is a lot better than the other one. It uses the complete Super Mario Brothers 2 platform, but really dolls it up to fit the Cybertronian universe. It's got the same music and layout as SMB2, and all the enemies and key elements are in the same spots. But everyone's turned into a Transformer - you get to pick from four Dinobots to use as your character, each with their own little advantages. Some can jump further, some pick up the Autobot head 'weeds' faster, and so on.

The thing I really liked about it is if you get hit by an enemy, you turn into a dinosaur-transformed Dinobot that looks exactly like the old toys.

Which brings up an important issue about these kinda games - just how much damage could walking into another guy really do to a person? If I'm walking through a crowded subway station or something, I don't shrink if I accidentally knock into someone. I just wash myself a little harder when I get home. These video game characters have it tough...if they don't have to worry about enemies shooting at or throwing things at them, they have to beware of even the slightest contact with another sentinent being - it always spells doom.

We got off track.

This is definitely a neat game...if you're a TF fan and you remember SMB2, it'll keep you busy for awhile. The controls are standard, the same for the game listed above. If you haven't played SMB2 before, here's a few tips:

1.- You can pull those little 'weeds' out of the ground and throw the Autobot heads at the enemies.

2.- To go in a doorway, press the up arrow while standing in it.

3.- Don't try to befriend any of the robots in the game. They'll just make you shrink, ok?

To download the game, click HERE.

It's not exactly milk & cookies, but it's definitely a cool combo.

- Matt