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LIQUORHEAD'S WEIRD MOVIE STUFF: Which Film Has the F Word Record?
liquorhead - 07/06/00

Though there's so many places that I find my Weird Movie Stuff tidbits, nothing can compare to the Internet Movie Database as a place I spend days sifting through the insane amounts of obscure movie trivia that lie within.

For some of the fight scenes in FIGHT CLUB, Brad Pitt took the cap off his chipped front tooth.

After The Scarecrow gets his brain in THE WIZARD OF OZ, the mathematical formula he recites is incorrect.

The original title for the second Star Trek film was THE VENGEANCE OF KHAN, but it was hastily renamed to avoid being confused with the upcoming REVENGE OF THE JEDI. Ultimately that didn't matter.

This original version of KING KONG was released four times between 1933 and 1952, and each release saw the cutting of additional scenes. Though many of the outtakes - including the censored sequence in which Kong peels off Fay Wray's clothes - were restored in 1971, one cut scene has never been found. It is the clip in which Kong shakes four sailors off a log bridge, causing them to fall into a ravine where they are eaten alive by giant spiders. When the movie - with spider sequence intact - was previewed in San Bernardino, Calif., in late January, 1933, members of the audience screamed and either left the theatre or talked about the grisly sequence throughout the remainder of the film. Said the film's producer, Merian C. Cooper, "It stopped the picture cold, so the next day back at the studio, I took it out myself".

Clint Eastwood made his film debut as a lab technician in the 1955 film REVENGE OF THE CREATURE.

Stanley Kubrick was originally offered the job to direct THE EXORCIST II. Thankfully he refused. Linda Blair refused to be subjected to the makeup she wore in the first film. In flashback scenes, the possessed Regan was played by a double.

The management of the Timberline Lodge used in THE SHINING requested that Stanley Kubrick not use room 217 (as specified in the book), fearing that nobody would want to stay in that room ever again. Kubrick changed the script to use the nonexistent room number 237.

Did you know that Vader is Ducth for "father"?

In the movie HEATHERS, Christian Slater's character "J.D." tricks Veronica into killing the jocks by claiming to use "ich luge" bullets which he claims only pierce the skin. "Ich luge" is German for "I'm lying".

Edward G. Robinson was the original choice for the role of Dr. Zaius from PLANET OF THE APES, and actually filmed a test scene with Charlton Heston to prove to the executives at Fox that make-up could be used to create believable simians. However, Robinson suffered from a weak heart and didn't think he could endure the day-to-day rigors of performing in the ape make-up.

During the filming of JAWS, a midget in a miniature cage and a real shark were used to get some shots correct.

Woody Harrelson's father is one of the famous "three vagrants" rounded up at the scene of JFK's assasination in Dallas.

The front mask piece of the H.R. Geiger's ALIEN from the 1978 film is made of an actual human skull.

Frank Stallone plays the bartender in the Charles Bukowski scripted film, BARFLY.

In the Linda Blair prison film CHAINED HEAT, the boom microphone is visible in nearly half of the movie.

In THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Marilyn Burns, whose character was chased by Leatherface through the undergrowth actually cut herself on the branches quite badly, so a lot of the blood on her body and clothes is real. NIGHT COURT staple John Laroquette provided the narration for the 1974 film.

Sam Jackson's character in PULP FICTION was originally written to have a gigantic afro, but a crewmember obtained a variety of gerry-curled wigs instead, apparently unaware of the difference. The production schedule did not permit correcting the mistake.

When Bruce Willis' character Butch from PULP FICTION goes to leave the pawn shop after freeing himself, he pauses for a moment- he can either go to Tennessee and collect his money, or go back to help Marsellus Wallace. Near to where he pauses are a Tennessee license plate, and a neon sign for "Killians Red" on a shelf. The only letters that are still lit spell "Kill ed". We are then shown a shot of Zed's keyring with the "Z" trinket: we are left with the subliminal message "Kill Zed", which is exactly what Butch proceeds to do.

SCARFACE uses the word "fuck" 206 times which held the record until GOODFELLAS added some with 246. Years later, they were trumped by PULP FICTION with a whopping 257 times, but when SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, UNCUT beat the record silly with 399, a new benchmark for f word greatness was achieved. (Largely in part to this song).