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Get A Life - Episode Review #2 - Spewey Me!
Matt - 07/12/00

In my continuing efforts to herald in a new era that worships Chris Elliot like some evangelist with a tremendous singing voice, we're going to review another episode of failed Fox sitcom flop/greatest television show in history, Get A Life.

As we've stated before, Get a Life was no normal show. Either Chris and the gang knew they were headed for cancellation faster than a speeding bullet, or they're all just really insane. Either way - as the series progressed, the shows just got weirder and more insane. The episode we're going to take a look at today is definitely in the series' top three as far as sheer insanity go. What happens when Chris meets a real life space alien? Find out in...Spewey & Me....

Here we find Chris spending a leisurely evening of knitting. He hears some loud noises outside his garage/apartment, and thinks the neighborhood kids are up to more tomfoolery listening to their Neil Sedaka records again. He decides to go shut them up...

But it wasn't the neighborhood kids! It was an alien spaceship! At least, Chris is pretty sure that it is. From his standpoint, it was either a crashed alien spaceship, or the blown-up remains of the moles' secret underground lab. Either way, he had to save the wreckage...

It was an alien! And as Chris said - it's really foxy! Chris was overjoyed with the thought that he had the first contact with an alien race - and even more overjoyed that he had a new friend. He decided to name him 'Spewey', which is an acronym for: 'Special Person...Entering the World...Egg Yolks'. I kid you not.

As far as disposition goes, Spewey was by no means an 'Alf' or a 'John Goodman'. Spewey beat the fuck out of Chris, starting a pattern that'd last throughout the rest of the episode...

Chris wakes up thinking it's all been a dream, and is saddened by the loss of his 'Spewster'. Luckily, Spewey falls from the ceiling onto Chris' face and attacks him again, putting that horrible thought to rest. Spewey was for real!

It's time for Spewey to meet Gus, Chris' landlord....

In true Spewey fashion, he attacks Gus immediately upon seeing him. Gus takes it pretty well, but comments that Spewey's stench is killing him.

Chris forgives Spewey for his little outburst, and receives a special treat - chocolate alien vomit! At this point, they hear the government knock knock knockin' at the door, and stash Spewey in the back room. Gus says that they could be here to bust him for a million things, but Chris makes him promise not to sell Spewey out anyway.

As the government agents get sprayed through a crack in Spewey's doorway, Gus tells them that he has a very sick housecat. Sickened, they leave, and Spewey's safe...for now.

Spewey, never one to have a dull moment, starts emitting pudding from his elbows. Chris, never one to offend, drinks it, stating that it's the 'nectar of the gods'. It's at this point that Gus realizes Spewey's a money maker - if he couldn't sell him to the government, he could certainly sell the pudding machine to Bill Cosby. Chris tells Gus to get those wild thoughts out of his head as he leaves to show Spewey off to his good friend...the Pope!

Chris was overjoyed that Spewey and the Pope hit it off so well.

Later, Spewey attacks representatives from Michael Jackson's private zoo. Chris admonishes Gus for once again trying to hock Spewey for a fast buck. Gus said he's had it, and is calling the government.

Chris drags Spewey off to save him from the government's evil clutches - because as they said while they were knocking at the door - 'they just want to chop his head off'.

The government beat the crap out of Gus for making a crank call. Is Spewey safe?

With nowhere else to turn, Chris brings Spewey to the home of his arch-nemesis, Sharon. Her daughter was so disgusted with Spewey that she decided to beat the shit out of him.

Spewey does his little dance, spewing alien vomit all over the room. Meanwhile, Sharon had secretly called the government. Chris, heartbroken over Sharon's sheer malice, took off with Spewey once again...

Thinking all aliens could fly, Chris puts Spewey on his bike and drives off a cliff.

Back home now...Chris is a little concerned with Spewey's injuries. His head is on backwords, and he makes a jiggly sound when you shake him. Furthermore, Chris states that he 'tastes a little garlicky'. He tells Gus he's going to get some medicine from the store - but not before making Gus promise not to call the government. Gus gives in.

Chris returns with two varieties of alien medicine from the supermarket - but he's too late! Gus didn't sell Spewey to the government, but after getting puked on 'one time too many', he beat him to death with a rake.

Chris, beside himself, sat down and went on an eating binge. His grief was lifted a bit when he found out he was eating Spewey's remains, which he found suprisingly tasty. Chris comments that 'Spewey used to melt my he melts in my mouth'. All is well? Gus says that Spewey was easy to prepare, since he's self-saucing.

Chris and Gus get up in the middle of the night for some Spewey leftovers. Gus puts it best: 'if he's half as good cold...'. But they're shocked to see that Spewey had regenerated himself from his own leftovers in an advanced cloning process!

Spewey, pissed off that they ate him, is rescued by the mothership, but not before leaving Chris and Gus with a special goodbye present.

The End.

See what I'm saying now? This show was truly before it's time. It's one of those things that you just have to see for yourself, so you can purchase selected episodes on VHS or DVD from Amazon.Com, or any local store that stocks DVDs. Trust me - you won't regret it!

-- Matt

Yes Lisa, I'm making your tapes. :)

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