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Anyone want to PLAY some Nintendo games?
Matt - 07/26/00

With all the video game technology available these days, the era of mindless, simple fun is pretty much gone. If you get a game now, you're pretty much submerged into a whole new world. Well, sometimes I just like to continually press the same button while I'm half-asleep waiting to get the shit kicked out of me by Mr. Sandman. And that's why the Nintendo Entertainment System is still so great. You can literally be writing your thesis paper, and still be able to play some of the games at the same time. They don't require too much attention, and sometime that works to our benefit.

Maybe it's the nostalgia factor that keeps many of us into Nintendo to this day. I know I can't play Super Mario Bros. without thinking about how 'cool' I thought it was that Mario could go through those pipes like that. After all, the only other games I had before this were Atari's Pitfall and Adventure. By those standards, SMB looked like someone dropped it off from the distant future.

But as technology goes forward, it seems to also go backward, and now you can play Nintendo games right off of your computer using an emulator. We've gone through this before, but let's do it again so you all get it right.

Before all else, make sure you have Winzip or something else that can unzip files.

First, download Nesticle into your C: drive. This'll allow you to play the games off your computer. You can download that by clicking here. It's a short dL, don't worry.

When you run nesticle.exe, you'll see a screen like the one above. With each game you download and extract, that's another you can play using the program.

Download each game directly into your C: drive. (where your Nesticle should be) That will automatically place the games in Nesticle's folder. Then all you have to do is run nesticle.exe, go to 'Load Rom', and find your game. Simple as that! If you want to make a seperate folder for Nesticle and the games, that's cool...I'm just keeping it simple for everyone who won't know how.

The games are pretty much exactly as you remember for the Nintendo. Same gameplay, same sound, same everything. Occassionally, you may run into a bit of problem with the sound if another program is using it, but don't worry, you can always play the games.

Speaking of they are! Click on each box, and a window will pop-up with a small review of the game, including the controls and the file to download. I was careful to pick games that work really well using keyboard controls, however you can get a controller down the line if the keyboard thing isn't working out for you.

Enjoy the games! I know I am...

Note: After clicking on one of the game boxes, be sure to click over the file name with your right-side mouse button to download, so you can save it to your hard drive.

Have fun. More to come soon!

- Matt
X-E Multimedia