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Courtney Love: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
liquorhead - 08/20/00

Courtney Love kicks ass.

I struggled for quite a while to come up with a good way to start this article, and no matter what insightful or clever thing I'd try, that phrase just just screams in my head like one of her songs.

Courtney Love kicks ass.

When I first saw her, as a Nirvana fan, she was an enigma from the get go. It was hard to make any kind of sense of her. Half of the photos she was in showed her off as some slutty looking super-junkie barely holding on to consciousness as she stood behind Kurt Cobain who was equally zombied out. Often looking like the reanimated corpse of Marilyn Monroe, Love's heroin-soaked white dresses and smeared lipstick showed off an almost unearthly allure that's hard to explain even now.

Rock has always had its share of goddesses from Janis Joplin, to Stevie Knicks, to Deborah Harry. But when Love released her band Hole's second album Live Through This nobody was prepared for the impact she'd make. She didn't just beat the shit out of the whole "girl performer" image. She did it drunk monkey style.

At at a time where women were ruling the music charts like never before, Love walked into the party like a naked girl at a debutante ball. But this wasn't some chick who said "fuck" and screamed a lot. The suicide of her husband lent an almost unreal pain and fire behind her work that others seemed to just be making up to sell records.

Her clumsy but passionate singing attracted your attention like yanking off the table cloth at a wedding banquet in a manner that in many ways was more hardcore than anything Nirvana ever released.

But when she read Kurt's suicide note out loud to a crowd of mourners in Seattle, she showed her vulnerable side, too, adding even more layers to the enigma. And the way she handled the asinine conspiracy brought about in the film KURT AND COURTNEY that she acutally had something to do with Kurt's death seemed to make her even stronger.

I'll never forget the MTV Music Awards in 1995 when Kurt Loder was interviewing Madonna, when Courtney Love crashed the session, drunk and belligerent. With a huge smile on her face, and a dress that couldn't have cost more than $3.00, Love completely upstaged her, and though she was polite and tolerant with her words, the look in Madonna's eyes was clearly saying, "Fuck you, you stupid cunt!"

In the 80s, "Bad Girls of Rock" consisted of Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde, and Joan Jett but there's no doubt in my mind that Love could destroy all three at once if given the chance.

At that time Courtney Love was a raw woman in every sense of the word. Aside from some blood red lipstick and some eye makeup that seemed to be put on by a child, she'd flaunt her pimples and razor knicked legs off like it was no big deal. At times, she was one of the most remarkably ugly women captured on film, and others she'd be one of the sexiest women I've ever seen.

Who'd have thought she'd end up as one of the more glamourous women in Hollywood?

That lady behind Courtney to the left is clearly saying, "Bitch!"

When she was cast as Larry Flynt's wife Althea in THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT the obvious jokes about casting a junkie as a junkie were there, but when she started showing up at awards shows looking like some 1940s movie icon, heads began to turn.

I've never seen a woman who could look so completely fantastic, while being so rough underneath.

I think this photo of her feeding her daughter Frances captures it all. Every guy's bragged about their father being able to beat up your friend's dad, but you know damn well Frances is going to grow up saying the same thing about her Mom at school.

It's funny that she tried out for the part of Nancy Spungeon in SID AND NANCY and got a small miss it if you blink bit part in that movie anyway. Appearing in a movie about one of rock's ultimate doomed relationships, she ended up trumping that story a hundred times over with her real life.

When she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her Flynt role, people began to take her more seriously as an actress. But I'm personally eager to see what she has to offer in a role that's more substantial than a famous weirdo's love interest (once again played in MAN ON THE MOON as Andy Kaufman's gal). She had a chance to branch out a bit in John Carpenter's GHOSTS OF MARS but an ankle injury caused her to be replaced by Nastasha Henstridge. But with BEAT, JULIE JOHNSON, and DARKER SAINTS all coming out this year, she'll hopefully show us even more of her amazing talent.

But wherever her film career leads, I hope she remains true to the music that made her great in the first place.

And hats off to Love for coming up with one of the more intelligent takes on Napster and music copyrights yet, in a speech to the Digital Hollywood Online Entertainment Conference (which you can read if you click here).

As I reread this I can't help but notice it's written like an obituary. Perhaps it's because it's so amazing that someoene who's been through so much has lived past the age of 35. Who'd have thought she'd survive that long even 5 years ago? I wonder if she even did.

Courtney Love kicks ass.