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You decide! Small Wonder...or Sonic the Hedgehog?!
Matt - 08/20/00

We here at X-Entertainment.Com appreciate the finer things in life. Transformers, bad Japanese monster movies, plastic peanut toys.... But even we know that sometimes, you need options. That's why, today, you have a choice. Are you going to download and watch an old tv series? Yes. But are we going to tell you which one? Nope...that's for you to decide! Yep, in a battle for your love, failed (very failed) 80s sitcom Small Wonder takes on Sega's only true claim to animated form, it's Sonic The Hedgehog! Let's take a look at each competitor...and then it's time for you, the people, to make your decision.


How do you describe a show like this? 'Bad'? 'Awful'? 'Hedonistic'? Whatever the call, Small Wonder truly stands as a testament and archtype for the cliche 80s sitcom: take a boring idea, and make it bad. Luckily, somehow, it's worked to their advantage. For some reason, some very unknown reason, the show remains endearing to many who suffered through it's heyday. The robot's name is Vicki. She doesn't have a personality, so it makes perfect sense for her to be the focus of the show. It's your atypical 80s sitcom family: mother, father, son, and robot. By the time you add in annoying little girl neighbor Harriet, you've got more fun packed into 22 minutes than a Macaroni & Cheese cookoff.

In this episode, Jamie (the son) gets jealous because everybody's paying too much attention to Vicki. It's an understandable plight. Jamie talks to himself more than a drunken derelict, making it all the more obvious that nobody realizes he's even there. So, to get back at his neglectful parents, he decides to run away. And of course...wild and crazy shenanigans follow!


From your television set to your...television set! Here comes Sonic the Hedgehog...the cartoon! If you thought the games were full of speedy hedgehogs, colorful worlds, and suspicious dialogue, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Sonic's got a lot more friends this time around - including an uncle with the single most annoying voice of all time! The cartoon's called Sonic Underground...and it's more retro than any show about a Sega game should ever be!

A totally different approach has been taken with this new cartoon. It places Sonic with his long-lost siblings, Manic and Sonia, playing in an underground type band going up against Robotnik with his flunky bounty hunters, Sleet and Dingo. Sonic and company are trying to find their mother, the Queen, and regain her throne from Robotnik. So much action!

This episode is the first of a three-parter to kick off the series, so you might feel a little cheated when you don't find out how things turn out. It's called Getting Back To The Beginning, where Sonic and friends fight the evil Dr. Robotnik and finally begin to realize the true power of their special medallions! Fun fun fun!

Yes, it's your decision. Spend a lazy Sunday watching an infamous 80s sitcom, or an all-but forgotten video game animated series. Whatever the call, you're in for a treat. Why, you could download 'em both and double your fun! Again - the choice is yours!

To Download The Small Wonder Episode, Click HERE. (.MPEG file, 20 fucking MB!)

To Download The Sonic Underground Episode, Click HERE. (.RAM file, 6.7 MB!)

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- Matt