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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode: Enter The Fly!
Matt - 08/22/00

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Yep, it's time to assess yet another episode of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If I had to rank my all-time highest geek obsessions, I think TMNT would rank third right after Star Wars and those wacky Decepticons. Those of you who have studied marketing know that things like TMNT and other cartoons generally have a three-year maximum shelf life, but they lasted quite a bit longer than that. We got movies, toys, toons, cereals, spaghettios, beach towels, even fucking underwear with the amphibians on 'em. Course, those days are pretty much gone now...that's why we're gonna take a trip back in the past and let you relive one of the episodes.

Now, when I was a kid, everything I saw in the cartoon made perfect sense to me. Now that I'm a little older, I'm not laughing at Raphael's jokes, I'm laughing at the fact that the plots are so nuts and stupid that it's impossible not to. But this isn't any ordinary episode. This is the episode. What happens when you take four humanoid turtles, a giant rat, a talking brain, a guy who wears razors all over his body and throw 'em all together? Not nearly as much as if you threw a fly in with 'em!

Yes, this is the episode where Shredder's little minion, Baxter Stockman, gets mutated into a fly. It's a tale of betrayal, revenge, and rare flowers. Baxter was probably my favorite character on the show, and I've always held a special place right here for this 'landmark' episode. Let's review!

Episode Review: Enter The Fly

After getting defeated by the Turtles on Earth, Shredder contacts Krang in Dimension X to complain that Baxter fucked everything up. He tells Krang to send Rocksteady and Bebop, the two dumb rhino/warthog mutants, to Earth since Baxter just absolutely sucks. Of course, Baxter's standing right next to Shredder while all this is going on, so he felt mighty embarassed. It's one thing for Shredder to call you an idiot - it's another thing for him to tell Krang about it. That's like Mom finding out that you cut school. She yells at you, she slaps you, she revokes all your priviledges...but it's gonna get worse when Dad finds out.

And yes - it gets worse. Shredder sends Baxter back to Dimension X while the mutants come to Earth. You know, all of Shredder and Krang's little toadies fuck up in every episode at least thirty times. But for some reason, this was the episode where they really shouldn't have done it. Krang orders Baxter to be put in the Technodrome's incinerator.

See, like Batman's utility belt, the Technodrome was also really convenient. You may not have ever seen them, but rest assured, they both have everything.

Anyway, Baxter goes into the incinerator - but so does a housefly! Yes, a housefly. In the incinerator. In the Technodrome. In Dimension X. These flies are mighty durable. And pretty fucking well-travelled!

Krang switches on the incinerator, and as fate would have it - Baxter cross-mutates with the fly! Not only that - his outfit mutates to perfectly fit the fly! Incinerators are great.
Baxter the Fly buzzes around the Technodrome for awhile before dissapearing through the portal to Earth, citing his revenge.

Meanwhile, April receives some flowers at work that she thinks are from the Turtles. She's flattered, but she makes it perfectly clear that 'she's not into that'. She also thinks the flowers have a peculiar smell. So all of this is definitely going somewhere.

We find out that it was Shredder who sent the flowers. Considering that they're the only two regular human stars on the show, that was my guess too. Hey, they may be on opposite sites, but at least the anatomy is correct. I was really happy to find this one out...I've been pulling for a Shredder/April union of souls for years. Just imagine...soon Shredder could coordinate his outfits to match April! It'd be so cute!

Unfortunately, Shredder didn't send the flowers to try to woo April. He sent the flowers to try to kill April. So much for love! April arrives at the Turtles' lair to gently let them down, but Splinter freaks out when he sees the flowers. After throwing them away at top speed, April faints. Turns out these were poison flowers. Shredder's so poetic in the way he tries to kill people. He's like a modern day Medea.

Anyway, Baxter tries shooting the Turtles. Several times. But as a general rule, bad guys never hit their targets. So the Turtles escape back home, where Splinter explains what's happened. The only way to save April is to find a rare antidote plant that's never seen at this part of the world. But don't worry! Raphael remembers that the green house up the street was selling rare plants! They hit up the shop, and sure enough, the rare plant is sitting there. And despite the fact that it's four giant turtles asking to buy it, the store owner doesn't question where his money's coming from. After all, he's got kids to feed.

Meanwhile, Shredder tricks Baxter into blaming the Turtles for what's happened to him. It works, because after all, we'd all be a little confused about things if we were mutated into a giant fly. After an initial battle, Shredder and the gang have the flower that'll save April. Now it's time for...the final battle!

It's Shredder, Baxter, Rocksteady & Bebop against the Turtles. Their plan is to lure the good guys into a machine that'll zap 'em forever into the future. And since they don't play fair - it almost works. Until Super-Splinter arrives in the Turtle Van and goes ABSOLUTELY ape-shit. This is one of the greatest sequences you'll ever see. Splinter doesn't just arrive - he fucking breaks through everything and starts running around like the show's in fast forward, shooting at everything that can move. By the time his speed wears off, Baxter ends up getting zapped into the future, the bad guys retreat, and April is saved. All is well.

The episode's a good one for a few reasons. Namely the fly and Splinter's freak out. You'll also notice that the Turtles are particularly off in this one, making some of the worst jokes in their careers. An example:

Donatello: You know, I think the guy at the greenhouse short-changed me.
Leonardo: Well, I always said you lacked sense!


Michaelangelo: Gosh dudes! Where did that giant fly come from?!
Raphael: Probably the bug house!

Hmmm. Anyway, we've got it for download, courtesy of Rocket's mystery machine. Note: The episode cuts off about three seconds short at the end. It's not really a big deal, you're just gonna miss out on Michaelangelo comparing something to pizza.

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Oh, and here's what Baxter's action figure looked like...

Remember the fly.

- Matt
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