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ENTERTAINMENT WEAKLY: Ghost Rider Movie and More
liquorhead - 09/16/00

Critics say THE GEENA DAVIS SHOW is more transparent than her EMMYS dress

According to US Weekly, Uma Thurman is going to star in Quentin Tarantino's next film KILL BILL as a hooker whose pimp shoots her in the head. When she wakes up from a coma 9 years later, she wants revenge. Ahh...a love story as old as time.

How pathetic do you have to be to want the OFFICIAL SURVIVOR SOUNDTRACK on CD? Check out what some of the real people who bought it have said on AMAZON.COM.

"If you saw Survivor the show and have at least one brain cell you will not enjoy this cd at all. On the other hand if you like to bang two sticks together and wobble around (calling it dancing) this cd is just right for you!"

"Okay, I think this is the most stupid CD I have ever heard. The show is stupid enough already. The musicians have no talent at all, the music is mind-reekingly annoying, the rythmn is off beat."

"While I am a HUGE fan of the show, I could not believe that this CD was made. I listened to an advance copy of this CD and it is truely AWFUL!!!!! Keep in mind that this CD is BASED on the Survivor show. Other than the "main theme", none of the tracks on this cd actually appear on the TV show. Musically, this album is a real bore. Believe me...the NEW AGE music on this CD makes YANNI seem interesting. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF BUYING THIS CD. It is just another album of recycled new age music that is remotely reminicent of the great CBS show."

Christopher Reeve broke his leg on August 17th during physical therapy. The exact cause of the injury is unknown, but sources close to Reeve suggest it may have something to do with trying to get a crippled guy to walk.

"While I was onstage at Woodstock, people threw shit at me from the porta-potties. They all somehow think I'm soley responsible for what's on the channel. I get a lot of guys going, "What a Pussy! What's with you and that boy-band shit?" But I'm just the bartender. If you want a cosmopolitan, even if I think it's a pussy drink, I'm not gonna say, "No, have a shot of Jack and a Budweiser." I'm gonna serve a cosmopolitan, take my money, and serve the next guy" -MTV's Carson Daly to FHM on why he doesn't care about what people think about him introducing N'SYNC videos.

Running out of people to offend, EMINEM hopes his latest single, "Kill Dat Quadriplegic Eskimo Bitch" will keep him in the controversy spotlight.

Eminem is giving up custody of his 5 year old daughter as part of his divorce settlement. The rap star is reportedly depressed over the entire affair, and is dealing with the anguish by writing a touching love song where he decapitates her and has sex with the hole in her neck.

"Please don't eat me!"

The latest issue of GEAR features Roseanne in the nude. It's no joke, but don't even bother peeking, even if you're morbidly curious. She's still covering her breasts and you can't see anything. Don't know if that's a good thing, as she's one of the more hideous walruses to walk the planet, but according to an EW quote from Tom Arnold, "They have a saying in Ohio: Why buy the cow if you know the milk is sour?"

Richard Gere's oceanfront home in Malibu is for sale for a paltry $10 million. But for an extra $10,000 he'll throw a few gerbils.

Variety reports that John Malkovich is the likely candidate to play The Green Goblin in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN film. However bad news for eager Spider-fans, as Columbia Pictures has moved the release date from November of next year, to May of 2002!

GOAT.COM has some test effects from the upcoming GHOST RIDER flick you can check out on their site if you CLICK HERE.

Marvin Rosenblum, who owns the TV and movie rights to George Orwells' novel 1984 is suing the makers of the BIG BROTHER show, claiming it leads viewers to believe it's connected to Orwell's work.

Half the man he used to be...

If you thought George Lucas couldn't be any greedier, look for THE PHANTOM MENACE to be rereleased on Video on November 22, with 10 minutes of behind the scenes info and footage from the upcoming EPISODE 2. Hell, if he'd just put in 10 minutes of good footage from the 1st movie, I'd be happy.

CREATIVE is launching a $499 portable MP3 player called NOMAD that will store 6 GIGABYTES of songs (about 100 hours of music), and has batteries strong enough to play for 4 hours before requiring a recharge.

When I saw the preview for the SNL skit film THE LADIES MAN a few weeks ago, the entire audience was silent with boredom. But according to FHM once you count video and TV revenue, every single SNL film has turned a profit (even IT'S PAT THE MOVIE) with the exception of STUART SAVES HIS FAMILY. Come on people, stop watching this shit, NOW!

The success of THE LATIN GRAMMYS has inspired the creation of THE LATIN EMMYS only to be shortly canceled during the initial planning stages, when it was realized that only latin themed shows on TV were reruns of CHICO AND THE MAN and VILLA ALLEGRE.