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Adios Chick Comics Theater

Sorry, folks, but Chick Comics Theater has been removed from X-Entertainment.com.  We received a nice letter from Chick asking us to remove them from the site.  Since all artwork used is copyrighted by Chick, they of course have every right to request that.

Hats off to the fine folks at Chick for giving us something to laugh about while they did.  And believe it or not, they were rather nice about it, not making one mention of my often venomous, and perhaps even blasphemous commentary.

In the meantime, you can always read nearly every single Chick tract for free at www.chick.com.  Gotta love them for that.

All traces of these articles will soon be gone, however we'll likely do a giant article on Chick's work as a whole (sans pictures), 'cause that stuff is just too good to ignore!

-Robert Berry

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