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Robert Berry - 12/17/00

So I'm sitting on the crapper today, with some stuff I pulled out of my Sunday Paper (Sacramento Bee, if you care) and got a good laugh when I opened up the latest ACCESS "America's Guide To The Internet" supplement.  A few pages in I see this picture of Chewbacca wearing a Santa hat, and was struck by how much it looked like something we'd have on our page.  Then I look to the middle, and see Matt's article on the Star Wars Holiday special is mentioned. 

This is pretty damn cool when you consider there's millions of copies of this thing in papers across the country (including The New York Post).  Of course that makes the odds of a vengeful George Lucas cracking down on us even higher!  Thanks a whole hell of a lot there!

I've got the article scanned below, it's about 150K, so be patient if you're not one of those lucky enough to have DSL.

Thanks to Eric Griffith and the fine folks at Access Magazine for the mention.