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Golden Girls Take A Trip Down Memory Lane....
Presented by Matt on 04/16/00

Golden Girls fans everywhere should remember this killer episode, where the girls relive some of their greatest moments since moving in together...

::cue cheesy music...::

Blanche: I can't believe Rose isn't here yet. I refuse to reminisce without Rose present.

Dorothy: I've got a rose right here in my lap. Several of them. Get to reminiscing!

Blanche: Okay then! Hee you remember the time you kicked butt when you were on Jeopardy?

Dorothy: How could I forget? Competing against those two monkeys was easier than....well...easier than you!

::cue flashback scene...::

Dorothy: Mr. Trebek, do we even need to continue? I think it's pretty evident who's going to win this game.

Dr. Zaius: I demand a recount!

Rose: This reminds me of something that happened several years ago back at St. Olaf. I was in a gameshow there, called 'Quizcow', which was St. Olaf's most popular gameshow. Anyway, Edna Frudengerken, the town's most cherished scholar, was beating the pants off of me. Every category we were given, she answered all the questions before I could even touch the buzzer. Finally, I realized why I never seemed to get the chance to answer the question first. I was hitting the top of the microphone! Once Jason Kiekuhlerfluggen, the host, told me to 'please stop hitting the microphone', I realized my mistake, and when we drew 'cow psychology' as the next category, I whipped her overeducated butt!

Dr. Zaius: Would anyone here mind if I reverted to my primal instincts and clubbed Rose to death?

Rose: Hey girls, whatcha talking about?

Blanche: Oh we were just talking about old times, taking a little stroll down memory lane. Care to join?

Rose: Okiley dokiley! Heh heh, remember the time that queer showed up right in the middle of our kitchen? Was that a hoot or what?

::cue flashback scene...::

Dorothy: Hey, who are you?!

Matt: I'm Matt. I own a website!

Dorothy: Well what are you doing in our kitchen?!

Matt: I uhh..just wanted some coffee is all.

Sophia: Matthew, drop the act. It's time I come clean. Rose...Pussycat...I was behind bringing him here..

Rose: Sophia, could you clear something up for me? When you say that you were behind bringing him here, did you mean that literally? Or figuratively, as in, you think it's a good idea that he was brought here.

Dorothy: Shut up Rose. Ma, why would you bring this fag into our house?

Sophia: Picture it. Sicily, 1912. A lonely girl and her best friend decide to take off for the new world.

Dorothy: Ma...

Sophia: Okay okay! He paid me, alright? He said he wanted your autograph.

Rose: Wait a second. You're telling me that this guy came all the way here to Miami just to get a chart on Dorothy's car? I don't believe it.

All: Shut up Rose!!!

Blanche: Wowie that was funny, wasn't it? I love talking about our little memories here in this house. Hey, why are we all wearing different outfits?

Sophia: What does this look like, Nova? I don't have all the answers.

Dorothy: Let's not worry about that. Ma, why don't you share your favorite memory.

Sophia: Will do pussycat, I was waiting for you guys to shut up. I've got the best memory of all. Do you two remember the time you left me alone in the house with that electric blanket?

::cue flashback scene...::


Dorothy: Ah ha ha ha! That was great Ma, thanks for the memories. Hey, where's Rose?

Sophia: Who do I look like, Robert Stack? I can't solve this mystery.

Blanche: Well girls this was fun. But it's time for them to show the house and cue the cutesy music again!

::fade out...::

- Matt