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Conspiracy Theory: Did We Walk on the Moon?
Dr Rocket - 2/16/01

These days it's impossible to argue that the Internet hasn't changed the world we live in. Next to the endless supply of delicious porno, one of the greatest things about the net is the way that it gives even the most common of citizens a global audience. Of course this leads to pages devoted to even the most crackpot of ideas and conspiracy theories. Is there really a secret society running our planet from behind the scenes? Is our government working together with aliens, trading humans for experimentation in exchange for technology? Was Tony Danza really assassinated by the CIA and replaced by an imposter just because of his Communist political views? Some of these are pretty far-fetched and often are hard to believe. However, last night the FOX network (an extremely reliable source of information) ran a special about one of the more believed conspiracy theories out there...did NASA fake the moon landings? Apparently a lot of people think that back in the 60's we were so desperate to beat the Russians to the moon, that we would stoop to faking it. I know it sounds hard to believe, but the show raised some intriguing evidence that has made me a believer. I'd like to share some of the most striking points brought to light by the show.

Striking Terrain Similarities with US Deserts

Obviously if you're going to fake a moon landing, you're going to have to do it somewhere that could pass as the moon. Personally I would have chosen any stretch of Ohio highway. Every inch is full of enough potholes to be confused as the lunar surface by anyone. Plus there's plenty of construction vehicles that could easily pass as spacecraft. However most people think the photos more resemble the high deserts of America's west. It's believed that the false landings were staged in the deserts around the legendary Area 51, well too protected for anyone to go learn the truth. Though we can't get close enough to make direct comparisons, let's take a look at one of the photos taken on the moon and see what we can find.

At first glance I can see how anyone would be easily fooled by this photo. How could this breathtaking landscape be anything but the lunar surface? But look at these specific items I've pointed out:

A. Notice what appears to be a shadow cast by our brave astronaut? Look closer...some people in fact believe this is a tree! As we all know, there are no trees on the moon.

B. Due to its lack of atmosphere, the moon's surface is mostly barren rock. However this area seems to have a distinct resemblance to some sort of putting green. Explain that one, NASA!

C. This one is most surprising of all! Unlike we were all taught in grade school, the Sea of Tranquility indeed DOES NOT have any water in it! This picture clearly mocks that common belief.

Flawed Details in Doctored Photos

Another strong argument against the moon landings is several inconsistencies with NASA photos. Whether the guy in charge of doctoring the photos got lazy or what, we'll never know. But what we know for sure is that they're there plain as day. Most of the examples on the show involved props covering up the crosshairs on the lens...something that shouldn't be possible. Others involved lighting discrepencies that could only be caused by outside light sources. But after a little research of my own, I found a shocking glitch that slipped by even the most eagle-eyed of conspiracy theorists. Take a look...

I know it's easy to's fooled people for here it is close up.

I know it's hard to believe...but yes...that is pop sensation Lionel Richie peering out from behind the lunar lander! Apparently Lionel was snooping around the set and someone forgot to fix this photo! I believe this screw up caused the CIA to step in and sabotage Lionel's career, leaving him the utter failure he is now. But that's a theory for another day.

I know some of you aren't going to be convinced no matter how much evidence is put in front of you. So for the last few skeptics out there, I decided to try my hand at doctoring some photos of me on the lunar surface. Take a look at these two photos and see if you can determine which came from NASA and which came from right here on my laptop!

It will leave you guessing for days, I guarantee.

- Dr Rocket
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