For a multitude of reasons, Gremlins still remains one of the best films of all time. And even if you don't think so - you have to admit, it's a lot better than My Father, The Hero because the creatures here are intentionally scary looking while Gerard Depardieu is a fright shock every time he waltzes on screen. Some people like it for the monsters, others for the cute little mogwai named Gizmo. Still, a few like to champion this movie because Harry Carey Jr. brings such life to his portrayal of Murray Futterman that the film is considered an archetypal template for the Actors Guild to this day.

I think the Gremlins movies are tremendous, but personally, my fondest memories of the series stem directly from all the sorts of cool toys, decorations, and collectibles inspired by Stripe and his late-feeding helldemons. There's been everything you could imagine - from wind-up toys to holographic stickers to cutesy schoolbags - and I've done my best to collect the cream of the crop here as we take a trip into Gremlins' marketing past and discuss twenty different masterpieces from the fine art of wasted cash purchases that helped us adorn every last damn corner of our life with Gremlins memorabilia. As a courtesy to our readers at the request of Rand 'The Mand' Peltzer, there's positively no popup ads in this special feature. Rand believes Mr. Wing would've wanted it that way, bizarre old coon he is.