I had to babysit one of my sister's kids last night. After going through the usual gamut of things that keeps them from crying - letting them win at Nintendo, letting them eat whatever they want, etc. - we took up drawing. Of course, I have to draw whatever they want to. This time, I was determined to draw what I wanted. Now, when a 23-year-old defies a five-year-old and decided to draw whatever he damn well pleases, I guess it's pretty sickening that he decided to draw Pokemon. I guess I'm just a big fucking idiot loser, but the plus side is this comic - drawn in secrecy during the babysitting stint.

Ever wonder what went on during the time when Palpatine trained Darth Vader?

By the way, if you're a fan of my 80s toy culture posts, you're gonna fucking love me for the next year or so. I just received so much material that my head is literally spinning. Yes, it's literally spinning. I finally can say with confidence that my ass ain't that bad. Drop me some feedback and let me know if you enjoy those types of posts - especially the ones centered on old commercials. If you do, stay tuned - you will absolutely love the stuff coming up on a regular basis from here on out. The downside? This stuff, to me, is way too great to bury in the Quickies department. So the main articles may typically be a bit shorter than you're used to. Send me some e-mail, gimme your thoughts!