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The Legend of Zelda - A Review...15 Years Late!
Presented by Matt on 04/05/00

Since this is the X-E's inaugral game 'review', I figured I'd go with the cart that had the biggest impact on my life - The Legend of Zelda. And I kid you not, the fucking game DID have an impact on my life. I think I was in the third grade when it came out, and it totally encompassed us at school. I formed this weird Zelda club that required members to carry around Zelda documents in a manilla envelope. I proclaimed myself 'Digdogger', and the rest was history.

That's right, a Zelda club. It was actually a pretty big thing in our little elementary school. Since I was such a tyrant, my best friend at the time got mad at me and started his own Zelda faction and a new club, promising people they wouldn't be 'ranked'. Eventually, I let him have the 'Ganon' nickname, and he came back to my legacy.

This was the first game of it's type to really get mainstream publicity - a lot of people will claim otherwise, but the facts speak for themselves. The Legend of Zelda wasn't just big by video game standards - the crossovers were huge. After Mario, Link & friends were recognized second as Nintendo icons, and if you didn't have the game, you might as well had not have even had a NES.

It was also one of the first games that had a 'save' feature, meaning you could actually turn off the Nintendo, go back the next day, and continue where you left off. While this is almost an everyday feature by today's standards, it was beyond cool back then. People would spend weeks on the game, exploring every possible corner, trying deseperately to get those fucking silver arrows. It was a time.

Zelda also featured one of the largest depths of characters ever seen in a video game - and that record still holds to this day. Nine totally unique 'bosses', tons of weird enemies both in the 'Overworld' and 'Underworld', plus merchants, wisemen, the works! Zelda was in fact SO large of a game with so many secrets, almost every player who wasn't 'on the inside track' felt they had uncovered some glitch at some point. I remember my brother thinking Level 9 wasn't actually supposed to be in the game. Then again, he also thought Wade the Duck from the old Garfield cartoon was a pop icon.

Zelda was one of the only games in history that brought me down to the level of patheticness that I actually was emotionally attached to the game. That was an honor usually restricted only to episodes of the Transformers and the occassional new Star Wars toy. But Zelda reeled me in, much like it did millions of other kids and people who desperately wanted to still be kids.

As a guy who dabbles in almost everything for a week, gets obsessed with it, and moves on, Zelda's stood the test of time in my video game career. I've literally gone through every system that's ever been made - even elusive entities like the Sega Master System - but even when I have all the new technologies that systems like the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 offer, every now and again...I'll still fire up the old Nintendo and go searching for Triforce pieces. :)

Reccomended? Strongly.

Neat stuff? Cool music intro...lots of wonderous weapons to collect...tons of secret areas...and yes, the magic flute.

Anything bad? Those fucking horse dudes near Level 9. 15 years with this game, and they still give me trouble.

Coolest character? Ganon's gotta get that distinction. Back in the day, he was like a total mystery - you never saw the guy, even in the old Nintendo Power magazines. The only way to see him was to get up to him - and even then, you only caught a glimpse. He was the king of cool.

Where to get it? Click Here.

Rating - 10 out of 10.

Now that we've got the basics out of the way, there's still the small issue as to why a post detailing Zelda's history is here on X-E. To be honest, I don't know. I wanted to make a video game site, but then decided that I don't like games enough to handle it. So, this is what you get. Every now and again, I'm going to review the most obsolete game I can think of. I'm sure some of the other writers will do the same, because I'm forcing them to at gunpoint. And you're all gonna love it. Right?

What do I hum when I lose my car keys and finally locate them?

- Matt