Lazer Blazers were a real hot item in their time. 'Holographic' stickers were a new entity, it wasn't like it is now where anything not featuring a hologram is considered dull and boring. In these days, you felt like you were buying some kind of futuristic space sticker that should've cost thousands but somehow maintained a bargain price of around two bucks. If you don't remember the hologram craze, consider yourself lucky. I remember one instance where my family traveled for two hours to a store that specialized in framed hologram wall pictures. The people in there were marveling at this crap like it was a window into a vast alien culture. We went home with this ugly picture of a holographic sad clown looking into a mirror. I think they paid well over a hundred bucks for it. I remind my mother of these sorts of early buying lessons whenever she complains after seeing my collection of sixty-dollar bonsai trees.

These stickers came in huge assortments that featured virtually every cartoon, television show, and movie kids could possibly be interested in. And when that wasn't enough, they started making them with dinosaurs, sea creatures, and nude whores. Gremlins will always my favorite variety, though.