Now this is a cool toy. Gremlins Water Hatchers were simply a souped-up version of those little animal toys that grow to immense sizes when submerged in water. Instead of pretending to really like geckos and squids, here you were afforded the opportunity to grow your very own mogwais and gremlins! Best yet, they'd grow 500% larger! Course, that only meant around six or seven inches in total, but when a kid reads a number like 500%, they immediately get this vision in their head that included water-hatched Gremlins exceeding ten feet in length. In that way, they were a disappointment. But nobody got too upset over it since the gremlin dude on the package looked so great carrying around a pail of water. That's worth the price all by itself.

Even better, it included a plastic 'storage pod' that looked like the cocoons gremlins hatch out of. This was for the kids who didn't want to ruin their mini-sized figures by sogging them up with liquid. Of course, this was a futile effort since no child could possibly resist that 500% tagline. We had to grow the things. I had this set, and while they looked great the first few days, eventually they started morphing into what appeared more like colorful rubber horse intestines. This isn't to say there's no merit in that.