The wind-up Gizmo figure gave you chance to own a mogwai that could, at least for a few seconds, walk around with your hand attached to it. It almost made it seem alive. With that upside, the downside of being noisier than an electric toothbrush didn't seem too terrible. This particular figure also had the most realistic likeness to the Gizmo we see in the movies of virtually all the Gremlins toys. I theorize that the face needed to look good to compensate for the weird robot-shaped feet. Now, for all you good boys and girls who've made it this far, here's another Gremlins video download:

Click here to download the infamous Gremlins In The Bar scene. If you've forgotten what that's all about, it climaxed with Kate skeletonizing Gremlins with a flash bulb. So you know it's good. Enjoy, then move on!