LJN's 12" posable Stripe doll is probably the most sought-after piece of Gremlins memorabilia there is. Even if the thing wasn't incredibly rare, which it is, fans would still hop all over the opportunity to add a giant, lifelike Gremlin to the various pieces of decor adorning their desks. Primarily, this is because us diehard Gremlins fans typically don't have many friends and Stripe gives a much nicer placebo relationship than a My Buddy doll.

Now costing over a hundred dollars on the collector's market, a toy like Stripe is reserved only for rich Gremmy enthusiasts or the people stupid enough to believe old toys are a positive investment. If you live on a shared income with a loved one, justifying the purchase of something this extravagant won't happen easily. You'll likely have to drug your spouse and sedate her into admitting that she secretly bought a 200-dollar pair of ugly shoes months back. If you don't announce buying something like this without a well-thought plan, you're asking for a famished libido for a long, long time.