Easily the most impressive of all the Gizmo items was this, the Ertl 'Convertible Gizmo' that showed the little guy in his impressive pink Barbie car, which either means Gizmo was a girl or simply that he didn't believe in the ridiculous notion of gender-specific colors. Gizmo's above that kind of shit. Because the scene this toy is based on was the most memorable one as far as the kiddies went, this was a must-have plaything.

Oh, you've never seen Gremlins? No problem! Click here to watch this glorious scene in its entirety! You're not really living until you've watched Gizmo attempting to navigate Barbie's car through the aisles of a toy store, trying to avoid the certain doom imposed by a fleet of stray bouncing basketballs. Okay, so it's a 'you had to be there moment.' Click on that link, and you'll be there!