Gremlins rub-and-play transfers were exactly like Presto Magix kits, if you remember those. The deal was simple - put the sheet over a piece of paper, and draw over the transfers with a pencil to iron out the characters onto the document of your choice. I used to decorate my homework with the little monsters, a selfless move on my part meant to give my teacher something a little more interesting to look at than a paper full of times tables. Dumb bitch didn't give me any extra points for it, so I have no remorse that the class as a whole worked together to formulate a song that celebrated her goat-like exterior.

There were several different sets of Gremlins transfers available, the most impressive of which came with a background scene on a large sheet of heavystock paper. Unfortunately, the scene they chose to depict was Billy's bedroom, so the opportunities were kinda limited unless you wanted Stripe and his gang to help Gizmo learn the Casio keyboard. Oh well, they're still pretty cool.