I owned the very same sleeping bag as pictured above. In kindergarten, one of the class rituals was a hour-long nap in one of the unused classrooms. Every kid would bring in a sleeping bag from home, and I was especially proud of my Gizmofied version. It wasn't because it had to do with Gremlins though, rather because I could place my face inside behind the giant Gizmo head and pretend I was a large, talking mogwai. Hey, it's not like any of the kids actually went to sleep - we had to entertain ourselves somehow. Besides, there was only so many times my bit about poopie would garner laughs from the crowd.

By the way, notice how the blanket sack features Gizmo in his protective wooden box? I used to be obsessed with that box. I really wanted a mogwai, but I think I wanted that box even more. I don't know, I always thought it'd be a great place to store my made-up secret documents that were really just duck stamps on yellow construction paper. I hate it when repressed memories make me feel retarded.