At a flea market long after Gremlins hit it's peak popularity, I found the entire set of these things for just a few bucks. Obviously, I was thrilled. I was getting mighty tired of feigning interest in sports cards just so I'd have something to collect, and really, I knew a lot more about Gizmo than baseball. Actually, the only thing I really knew about baseball back then was that Gaylord Perry got stuck with an excessively stupid name. All right, that's still all I know about baseball.

The sucky thing about this card set was that they chose which scenes to pick all wrong. Kids didn't want pictures of the human cast, they wanted pictures of cute and/or creepy monsters. It really makes you question their decision to include eighteen cards featuring the scene where Mr. Deagle invades the bank with a broken snowman statue. It wasn't what kids were looking for. Unless there was a secret society of young Polly Holiday fans? Admittedly, she was great playing Rose's psychotic blind sister on The Golden Girls. Still, I'd rather have Stripe tacked on my bulletin board instead of Mrs. Deagle. Mostly because I was way more scared of her than the Gremlins.