Schoolbags were an important piece of business in every child's life. When all the students lined up in the courtyard outside the school before the opening bell rang, this was the only thing that people noticed about you. Remember, when we were young, we didn't experiment with our hairstyles or goofy clothes. Schoolbags were incredibly important, and they could either make or break your social status. If you had a lame schoolbag, you in turn were lame. If you had a cool one, you were cool.

Now, having a Gremlins schoolbag was a bit of a risk. For a short while, it was terrific. Everybody loved the Gremmies and you'd be proud to advertise them on your back. But once the fad died out, you looked like a nerdy moron and everyone made fun of you when they moved on to chic unmarked Jansports. Yes, even Gizmo himself enjoyed only a limited shelf life in the World of Cool. It's a sad commentary, really. I always thought Gizmo was timeless. My colleagues at school thought differently when I showed up in the third grade with an old Gizmo thermos on Field Day. Fuck them. Guess I can skip sharing my edible paper during lunch.