When Gremlins came out, it wasn't one of those movies that you were embarrassed to like. It was real popular with pretty much everyone and the world was very open to public displays of Mogwai Love. Since it wouldn't be acceptable for little kids to dress up their girlfriends as fuzzy creatures and boink them in the middle of an intersection, the official lunchbox was the best way for 'em to wear their pride. Indicative of a time when lunch was a holy event, this item is made of tough metal instead of the cheap, breakable plastic used in most lunchboxes these days.

To insure that your lunchbox didn't appear sissier than your friends' He-Man and Transformers boxes, they made Billy appear like a modern-day Adonis who just happened to have a soft spot for furry rodents. Who knew Billy was a linebacker? Between art and sports, he must've gotten all the chicks. No wonder Phoebe Cates turned Judge Reinhold down with such confidence.