There weren't many actual Gremlins action figures, but then again, it's not like they were gonna carve and craft molds of Mrs. Peltzer or Corey Feldman because most kids would sooner play with pipe cleaners. At the very least, the three-pack gave kids the opportunity to work Gremlins into their little contained toy worlds, where characters from all sorts of lores gathered together to party, fight, and discuss the great plague many of them came to face by being broken in half. It was great since now you could pretend Cobra Commander stole some mogwais for use in his top secret experiments. You'd have his figure kidnap another figure, preferably in a white labcoat, and make the kidnapee serve as the scientist Cobra forces to do their bidding. What's even better? Cobra Commander actually kidnapped at least five scientists in every episode so you were really staying true to the show.

My father bought this set for me a long time ago on one of our earliest family trips to Atlantic City. Considering that you have to be 21 to do anything remotely interesting in AC, our 'earliest family trips' there usually ended up with me being given a new toy as a sort of subversive bribe. If memory serves, I lost the 'evil mogwai' figure in the elevator at Caesar's. I wonder if Rip Taylor somehow ended up with it.