Hey all - in an effort to raise cash for my raised expenses with the new server, and to fund my hobby of collecting million-dollar diamond encrusted tennis rackets, I've decided to sell off the contents of my large, walk-in closet - a Hell on Earth absolutely filled to the ceiling with toys, games, figures, and other assorted items from the 80s, 90s, and today.

So, I'm selling the contents off to readers in specially prepared potluck mystery boxes, 50.00 a pop, postpaid. To say that there's a great deal of stuff in each box would be a pretty big understatement. While no box is the same and you're not going to get rich selling the contents on eBay, there's a few things I can guarantee you:

1) The boxes contain a LOT of stuff, and not junk. Yes, there's some junk, but it's fun junk. There's also a lot of things you'd definitely love if you're the type of person who reads this site.

2) Yes, popular lines like Transformers, He-Man, Star Wars, and the like are represented in each box. While you never know (and either do I until I make the box) what you're getting, and I can't guarantee you that you'll get this-or-that, you will certainly find plenty of the types of items and toys that inspire the articles here on X-E.

3) If nothing else, it will take you a good long time to sort through and fondle everything in the box.

If you'd like to buy one without reading further, all you have to do is send me a Paypal payment for 50 bucks. I'm not charging you for the shipping, even though it will certainly mount up to ten bucks or more on some of the boxes. Bargains a'plenty!

Use the box link below to send payment.

Here's some other notes you should probably read before sending me your money:

* There are no guarantees and no returns. But keep in mind that I'm not looking to piss off the site's readers, particularly the ones who'll spend money. I wouldn't sell these if I didn't think you'd like them, and I've made sure to include what I honestly felt was 50.00 worth of crap or more. No, I didn't go by market value. I'm not going to throw in a small Wolverine figure and say to myself - 'well THAT accounts for at least fifteen bucks!'

* Please consider your purchase a donation more than anything else. Don't buy it looking for a 'steal' - even if you would consider that, I can't guarantee it because tastes differ from person to person. If you look at it like you're trying to help me and the site while getting something in return, you should be more than satisfied.

* I will not run out of mystery boxes, so don't worry about it. If I ever empty the closet, I still have an entire other shed to attack.

* After I get payment, I will send you an e-mail to confirm your address. After that, your box will be shipped within a few days, not longer than a week. Boxes will be packed, shipped, and sent carefully with delivery confirmation. If you'd like to insure your box, please send 2.50 extra to cover the charge.

* UNITED STATES ONLY. I will ship internationally, but only if you e-mail me first with your address so I can figure out the actual shipping cost.

That's it! That's all! I think you'll be pleased. If you'd like to buy one of my special superliffic wonderful mystery boxes, send X-E 50.00 through Paypal using the link box below.