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Matt - 12/21/00

Yeti: What is it...Clarice?
Clarice: Listen, I might be your only ticket out of here, so your better help me. I have to find Rudolph.
Yeti: I ate his liver, Clariiiiice.
Clarice: You did not!

Yeti: Tell me about...the lambs, Clariiiice. The lambs scarred you, did they not? Clariiiiiice.
Clarice: Well, they sorta --
Yeti: Clariiiiiice.
Clarice: Shut up!

Yeti: Have you seen the movie Dick Tracy, Clarice?
Clarice: I made a promise to myself a long time ago never to watch a movie that casts Madonna. Haven't you ever seen Desperately Seeking Susan?
Yeti: I ate Madonna's liver too, Clariiiiiiice.

Yeti: Clariiiiiice. I have the Christmas tree star in my hand, but at the same time, I also have teeth. Doesn't this go against all the rules of continuity, Clarice?
Clarice: The lambs were screamin!
Yeti: Clariiiiiiice.

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