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Due to the success of the 'Save the Car' sale, I've decided to sell off some of the other junk I've got in numerous quantities. This is legit - if you see the item on this page, it's still in stock. I'll only remove items after I've run out. Please note that all prices include shipping, and there's no extra costs associated with any sale. Offers are ONLY good in the continental United States, so if you're not from around here, e-mail me first with your address so I can calculate the shipping costs.

Also, at this time, I'm only accepting orders paid for via Paypal. It helps keep things organized and removes the chance of any payments becoming lost in the mail. The 'add to cart' and 'checkout' features used on this page all connect directly to Paypal, but you'll have a final opportunity to peruse your order before making payment. DON'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THAT, FOLKS!

Essentially, the store's purpose is just to cover the added expenses associated with the site. Especially as of late, I'm taking a decent amount of cash out of my own pocket to buy the things I review, and hopefully these offers will help offset those costs. Hopefully you'll see something you like!

Lot #001: Gremlins/E.T. Collectibles Lot - 20.00 postpaid!

20 bucks buys you two sealed copies of the 'Gremlins Trapped' Gremlins book-and-record sets, absolutely mint and unused. Each set comes with a small record album and a multipage storybook with color illustrations. Gizmo is now high art, and with the album, you can hear him squeak anytime you want. You'll also receive a copy of the early 80s book, E.T. 'Colors.' With the help of E.T. and Drew Barrymore, you'll learn the intricacies of coloring everything you see with different crayons. Loads of fun. Special bonus! The next 15 buyers will also receive a sealed pack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II trading cards! It's all about the ooze, baby. That's four items for one price! PRICE: 20.00.

Lot #002: G.I. JOE 1982 ID Bracelets, still packaged - 12.00 postpaid!

These are real cool - vintage ID bracelets from the G.I. Joe line, made by Hasbro and KMT, sealed on the original card which looks almost precisely like the ones used for the ol' action figures. The bracelets are metal, made shinier by a silver finish. Keep in mind, these aren't bootlegs or re-released items, they're the real deal from '82. The cardback features other Joe-inspired jewelry they used to hock. Sold moreover as a collectible, since the bracelet is child-sized and won't fit around your wrist unless you've had a tapeworm for the past fifteen years. PRICE: 12.00.

Lot #003: Crudely drawn happy picture with forged celebrity signature - 5.00 postpaid.

People seemed to like the idea when I did the sales for the car, so I'm bringing it back with extra umphftpph. 5 bucks buys you a crude piece of artwork, drawn by me, complete with a faked celebrity autograph of somebody more important. Could be Queen Latifah, could be Lauralee Bell. Ya just never know. This time around, the picture's topic is also an unknown - if I feel like drawing more fixed cars, that's what I'll do - but there's a good chance I'll draw you a bear eating a child wearing a Frankenstein costume. These pictures, they're pot luck. PRICE: 5.00.

Lot #004: SUPER MEGA SALE! Get TWO of every lot on this page for 60.00 postpaid!

Big savings for big spenders. That's right, you'll get everything you see on this page, TWICE! 55.00 shipped gets you four sealed Gremlins book-and-record sets, two E.T. books, two packs of TMNT cards, two carded G.I. Joe bracelets, and two specially made crude drawings with forged celebrity signatures! Almost fifteen dollars off the normal price if purchased separately. How can you pass that up? Is it even possible? For extra incentive, I'll also include one very special and very cheap secret item into each Super Mega Sale package.

1) Offer good in the continental United States ONLY. If you're in some other country and you want to get in on this steal of a deal, e-mail me your address and I'll let you know the shipping costs.
2) Orders are shipped within 2-5 days of receipt. Items are packed carefully and with the love of many teddy bears.
3) Insurance is optional. Add 1.50 to the total if you'd like your package insured. Because of a few problems the last time I sold stuff off the site, I will not be held responsible for packages that aren't insured if the post office decides to eat them or set them on fire.
4) Items are vintage, but in perfect condition.
5) If you're able to see the item, it's still in stock. I have a large quantity from old warehouse buys - it'll take a while to get rid of 'em all.



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